Fun With Duct (and Duck) Tape

Taking a break from all of the Lightroom issues, none of which have been resolved. 🙁  I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I picked up a roll of Hello Kitty Duck tape several months ago, just because I thought it was cute, and I love Hello Kitty,  The tape was just sitting in my camera bag to be used as tape is typically used, to hold stuff together.  Then my neighbor mentioned the other day that her daughter was making all kinds of stuff with Duck tape, so I turned to You Tube and who knew all of the cool stuff you could make with Duck (and Duct) tape.  On Monday, I made a wallet (following the instructions in this video), and you can see the inside above. On the left, the gray duct tape was used to fashion three pockets to hold credit cards, and on the right, is a clear plastic sleeve to hold an ID, and under that is a pocket.

This is the outside, and I attached a ziploc bag to hold change to my wallet.  Last night, I made what is going to be a cosmetic bag or a bag to hold pens and markers, I’m not sure yet, and I didn’t follow any instructions, just went with what I felt.  This is how the inside looks:

The gray duct tape forms a large pocket, and on the opposite side is another ziploc pocket to hold little trinkets.  I would love to put a zipper on this, and I’m going to check my stash to see of I have a zipper that will work.  I am hooked!  I order a bunch of Duck tape in different colors and patterns, and my next project is going to be a tote bag.

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