Gaining Momentum

Dry Tortugas
Here is the two-page spread from the Dry Tortugas National Park.  Thirteen national parks down, 44 to go.  You can view all of my national park pages here

Seeing the photos of the tropical blue water in the Tortugas really has me wishing for warm weather.  It's slowly warming up here to the mid 40s and the snow is melting, and in some places the ground (and mud) are showing through, which the dogs are now tracking into the house.  

In nine days, Mom and I head down to Ft. Lauderdale.  Can't wait.

I am also gaining momentum as far as my own eating and exercise habits.  Striving to fight those food demons, and to get back to the gym.  There are a couple of BIG events coming up for me this year, and I really want to look my best:  my 30 year high school reunion (in the planning stages and no date set as of yet) and the rafting trip down the Colorado River (though the Grand Canyon) in September.

Time to get out of here and walk the dogs…

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