Getting Ready for the Art Show…

The art show is this weekend, and all of the art work is due today at the facility where the show is going to be held.  There is a lot to do and I am running behind in getting things done.  I had to price my work accordingly because the framing was pretty expensive.  Since this is my first show, I'm not quite sure what is going on yet, but I have no doubt I'll get it all figured out.  Here's a sneak peek at one of the photos I'm putting in the show, and next Monday I'll post photos of my other pieces.  


Because of the framing, this piece will be selling for about $209.  Since this is my first show, the advice I got was to price my work 1.75 over the cost of the framing.  After I (hopefully) sell some pieces, I can raise my prices — most established artists charge 2 times over their cost and time plus a little extra.

Here's hoping I sell something.

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