Getting Ready to Hit the Road


One of the many magnolia blooms on my tree.

I am leaving town tomorrow for a week — flying into Logan Airport in Boston, renting a car, driving up to Salem to officially meet Jack Bates (that cute bundle of love, aka my nephew), and also visit with baby Jack's parents, my sister, Sharon, and Ian until Sunday morning when I'm going to hit the road on a mini adventure.  I'm driving up the coast of Maine with a couple of planned stops, one being Acadia National Park, and I'm even bringing my passport along in case I decide to duck into Canada.

So, it's a busy day of getting ready — getting Zachary ready to go to the kennel with his food, getting packed, getting all of the camera equipment ready, going to bring the 200 to 500 mm lens and the tripod on this adventure and hopefully will capture some cool nature scenes.  Also going to shoot some black and white film on this trip.

I'll probably blog from the road, and post some photos (that will go into the mini book I posted about yesterday).

While I'm gone, the last bit of work is being done inside the house, the floor in the laundry room will be tiled and also painted, so everything should be done when I get back home.  I'm so excited.


On another note, I got a letter from Zachary's dermatology vet who is leaving the practice and they are shutting the whole dermatology operation down — so I have to get another dermatology vet for him — one that can make his serum for the weekly allergy injections I give him – I found one today, and now have to go and see this new vet in Catonsville on July 7th.  Ironically, the thing Zachary is the MOST allergic to is human dander, which would be me… go figure.  Who knew that dogs could be SO high maintenance. 

I wish I could take my buddy with me when I travel — I miss him SO much, and am fully aware that at 9 1/2, Zachary's time with me is winding down.  If I was just going to Maine, I would take him and just drive, but with the Boston portion, I can't impose on my sister and Ian with the new baby in a tiny apartment with me and the dog.

I'm off to pack — and deal with electricians today who are installing recessed lighting over the kitchen sink, a set of three pendant lights over the dining room table, and replacing a light fixture in the living room (this means I had to get up WAY earlier than I wanted to — so looking forward to sleeping in sometime in the not too distant future).

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