Getting Ready…


Here is my Brighton luggage — which only travels with me when I'm going by car. There is NO WAY I would ever check this luggage when flying. I'm starting to pack for the beach and this trip there's a lot more to pack because …


Zachary is going with me … he's becoming very high mainteance, and after being in the kennel in June when I went to Boston and Maine, he was a MESS with all of his allergies and skin infections.  Now he's on medication taking supplements, plus the twice weekly shots. He's finally starting to look better, and I don't want to risk all of that by putting him back in the kennel. Luckily, I can take him with me.


These are some things I'm bringing from the Paper Source to help keep two young girls (my nieces) occupied. I'm also bringing some craft projects of my own along as well. Work tomorrow for 4 hours and then it's off to get ready — hopefully I'll be leaving very early on Tuesday morning (hear that, Mom?)

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