Giving a Gallery Another Go

Scan0198a copy#16a_1DSC_0115 copyDSC_7872 copySome of my art work on display at the new By the Bay Gallery, located upstairs in the South County Cafe, in Deale, Maryland.

After what just recently happened with displaying my work in a Northern Virginia gallery (i.e. not getting compensated in a timely manner (their fault), and me selling my work for much less than I should have (totally MY fault), I was very leary about having my work for sale in another such venue.  However, I was recently approached by a member of the Muddy Creek Artist Guild about an opportunity to display my work in a local gallery (five minutes from my house), that is set to open tomorrow.  Because I like this person so much, I said yes.

The commission is still 30% on each piece I sell, but that is the going rate, and I don't have to work at the gallery.  On the up-side I can keep a much closer eye on things.  So, I took the four pieces shown above on 16×20 canvas, all of my individual cards, two boxed sets of hummingbird cards, and one 8×10 matted photo for the bin art category (pretty much everything beach, bay, and nautical related that I had on hand).

So, I am giving a local gallery another go, and now that I am better educated on how to price my art, I am hoping I get some great sales.

If you're local, come visit the gallery this weekend.  This weekend is a soft opening, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, and Sunday from 9 to 2.  

The gallery's grand opening will be on Friday, May 4th.  More details to follow.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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