Giving Credit and Linking with Love

This awesome moth was hanging out on the gate to the backyard the other day.  I just wish it wasn't blurry!

My purple cone flowers are blooming 🙂

As I've published more and more of my work in the online arena, I am concerned about my work being stolen and utilized without my permission.  Part of the way I protect myself is to only publish my photographic images at 72 dpi (which is fine for viewing on the computer, but is not print quality).

I have always attempted to give credit where credit is due on my site for things I didn't create, and so do many other bloggers and artists.  Unfortunately, there are many others out there that feel the work of others posted on the Internet is theirs for the taking (without giving proper credit).  Images are downloaded onto hard drives, passed around, and used for commercial purposes without the consent or permission of the original artist.

That sucks.

An artist I respect, recently had her work stolen and published without her consent.  You can read her story here.  Out of that unfortunate incident, Link with Love was born.  All of the artists I follow are part of this groundbreaking initiative, and I am so happy to support them.  I hope you will too.

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