Glamping: Assateague State Park

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Late last month, my Mom and I went “glamping” (glamour camping) in Assateague State Park.  This was my first experience camping on the state side of Assateague.  All of my prior camping experiences were in a tent on the National Park side.


(The last time I camped in Assateague before my most recent trip was early September, 2013)

There have been a lot of changes since the last time I camped in Assateague.  Most notably, a LOT more stuff.  I can’t tow the trailer, so the Captain did that and got the trailer balanced and then left.  We were in a site without any electricity, so we had a generator to run the air conditioning, however, we couldn’t run the generator between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.  Luckily, the trailer has a door in the bedroom, which we left open at night.

The most notable difference between the state and national parks are the bath houses.  The state side is renovating all of theirs, and there is a nice building with hot running water and electrical outlets.  On the national side, it’s bare bones, cold showers outside with a wooden door and a latrine type toilet.  No bath houses.

However, the national park side is more scenic.  There is the tent camping on the beach, and while it is a pain in the butt to haul everything there, but once you are there and get set up, it’s really nice.

I am going back to camp in the trailer on the national park side in August.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  No electricity, so dry camping, on the bay side.  Hope the bugs aren’t too bad.

_DSC1361LRLoved seeing a new foal, SO adorable


And this one trying to eat an orange_DSC1324LR

There seemed to be a lot more horses around this trip.  They didn’t bother coming over to the trailer, they were more interested in an easy meal from the people in tents.  The stallions were also fighting it out.  I didn’t personally see any of the stallions fighting, but another lady camping next to us caught some of the action on her camera.  I did see the after effects of one of the altercations between the horses:


The horses were hanging out on the beach a lot to get away from the biting flies.

IMG_0327LR _DSC1449LR _DSC1441LR _DSC1437LR _DSC1413LR _DSC1407LR _DSC1403LRAnd on one day, the ranger program featured birds of prey that had been injured in the wild and couldn’t be released because they would be unable to hunt and defend themselves, so now these birds are used as an educational tool:


This is a juvenile red shouldered hawk that has a broken wing that could not be repaired.

_DSC1349LR _DSC1352LRThis is a juvenile bald eagle and it’s beak grew in crooked so it is unable to eat its prey.  The beak was trimmed several times and kept growing in crooked, so this guy will live out its life in a sanctuary.

We also experienced a couple of very violent thunderstorms during the time we were there, so glad we weren’t in a tent on this trip.

All in all a great experience.


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