Goodbye Old Friend


What a wonderful friend you have been. A person who at one time was a close family friend was kind enough to build you for me in 1985 (I’m guessing). I counted and we’ve been through seven moves together and for the past five years you have been sitting here in my home office without a purpose, just a collector of stuff, and a place to hold my big format printer. In this small house you were so big and never quite fit in. It was so hard to let you go — but you deserved better — a place where you were loved and used again. I took this photograph as a reminder of how great you are, and what a special place you hold in my memories. I used the top of you to write countless stories, papers, bills, letters, regrets, journals, to craft the art of my life. I had to play tribute to such an important part of my life — my desk. I have realized that over the years, we collect very special pieces that hold treasured memories and serve a useful purpose, but sometimes they lose their purpose and become just a sentimental object and when that’s the reason you don’t let something go, it becomes clutter. It is okay to let stuff go that can bless someone else’s life, and that’s what I did to my treasured desk. It took me a couple of years to come to that realization and to let it go.
The office/guestroom makeover has officially begun, and stay tuned for photos later this week. I’m SO excited.

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