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I've been getting the mac set up and with everything else on my schedule this week, I'm finding it hard to keep up with the blog.  In any event, the photo above was taken at the Biltmore Estate back in 2007, and is one of my favorites.  (I found it in my "portfolio" file — a place where all of my favorite photos reside).  I got all of my 20,000+ photos transferred over, and my Adobe software for the mac is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (of course I'll be camped out at the campus all day.

On Monday night In color photography, we watched a LONG film on William Eggleston most notably known for his contributions to color photography and is widely credited with securing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium to display in art galleries (Wikipedia).  Mr. Eggleston is a firm believer in taking ONLY one shot — he said if he didn't get it in one shot, the next one would come along.  In addition, he doesn't believe in making contact sheets (a page containing all of your images from a roll of film or a digital shoot in a very tiny size).  Therefore, Mr. Eggleston has 250,000+ full size prints (8"x10") of all of his images.  I can't imagine where he stores them all or how he's able to find anything!

Experiencing a bit of a learning curve with the Mac — the shortcut keys aren't the same — I can't find the Mac equivalent for Ctrl C and Ctrl V (copy and paste) among other things.  Also, my scanner isn't working — the printer works, but not the scanner and it's those all in one machines — go figure.  Overall though, really enjoying the new experience.

I wanted to scan in some black & whites I had taken in Salem MA back in June.  I'm working on a whole series of black and white photographs from that trip, most of them taken in and around the graves of the "witches" that were convicted and hanged back in 1692.  Black and white photographs are the perfect medium for documenting that horrific time in American history.  I hope I can get the scanner working soon.

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