Hanging Out With Mom…


Yesterday was spent with my mom.  I drove over and cooked a nice meal for her and my stepfather, David, who is still recovering from recent surgery.  I am hoping he'll be feeling better soon.  Mom and I spent a leisurely day with our cameras trying to capture the elusive chipmunk who kept scurring across the patio and down into his little hole.  A very busy little chipmunk to say the least. 


The chipmunk photos were all taken with the white balance setting on incandescent — huge bluish tint to the whole photo — no problem — opened in Photoshop and adjusted the color balance by adding in some yellow, a little green and a touch of red and there is a color corrected photo, although a little blurry — but I took this shot from the dining room table through a sliding glass door.

It was a relaxing, fun, kind of day, no rushing around, and a beautiful, sunny, albeit a little windy and chilly.  It was great spending time alone, just Mom and I.  Of course, my sister, Sharon, the new Mom called and she got to come home from the hospital yesterday with little Jack – a great Mother's Day gift.  My other sister, Karen, and her girls came to see Mom later in the evening.  A good day all around.

Today was the last black and white photography class :-(  So, I'm taking color photography, fundamentals of lighting, and alternative photographic processes in the fall.  It's going to be a BUSY semester.

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