Happy Friday


Previews of coming attractions around here 😉

Today, the sun is shining and I'm getting a new leaf blower (what a way to win a girl's heart — buy her a leaf blower…)

Kiki is hopefully recovering — she is eating more, and is currently locked in the bathroom and hating life and me.  It doesn't help that I have to shove liquid medicine down her throat twice per day.  We are in a "watch and see" pattern with her.  (I wonder what she'd say if she could talk…maybe not….)

The Christmas stuff came from the attic today because today is the day I have help.  If not today, then not until next weekend, and that's prime exam study time.




I will be busy finding homes for everything while I get the house and tree decorated, and then all of the boxes go back up into the attic until the end of December/beginning of January.

Almost caught up with Ali's Class Yesterday and Today over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  Some of the pages we are creating and journaling about from Yesterday and Today are pretty deep and bringing up a lot of unexpected emotions which I suppose is rather poignant and timely considering the Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us.  Spending time with family in close proximity doesn't always bring out the best in us.

Enjoy the weekend…I'll be blowing and mulching leaves, studying for a big test in Color Photography on Monday, and organizing all of the Christmas madness that has descended from the attic.

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