Heading in a Different Direction

Heading in a Different Direction

You know me, I am always on the go, going somewhere and doing something.


Kathy St Johns River

Hot Air Balloon

Colorado River Rafting Trip

Now it is time to do something with this blog.  I didn’t want to make any announcements about what was to come until I had a purpose and vision going forward.

I have taken a look at my online presence with a critical eye, and after a LOT of brainstorming and coaching, I have narrowed down my focus and vision.

I have been blogging in this space since April 2008.  I have taken breaks from blogging, some longer than others, because I wasn’t clear on my purpose for this blog or my space here on the Internet.  Many people have built successful empires from their online presence in a much quicker time frame because they had a clear vision of what their website and blog represented.

Going forward, my focus will be specifically on travel, photography, and managing all of those photos once you get home.  There’s no better way to describe my online presence going forward than to cut and paste the information from my new About page.

About This Blog

Hi, my name is Kathy, so you already know how old I am. I was there when MTV played it’s first video. Travel and photography (and music) have been passions of mine since those early MTV days, however, it wasn’t until 2005 that I was able to get serious about both traveling and photography. Let’s face it; we are WAY beyond youth hostels, and seeing 20 countries in 20 days. Let me show you the ins and outs of the traveling industry, whether you are on a budget or the sky’s the limit; whether you’re traveling alone, or with a spouse, and/or family member(s); whether you’re traveling by plane, train, cruise ship, private vessel, car, RV, or tent, I’ve been there and done it all. I’ll show you how to take great photos, no matter what camera equipment you have. And, I’ll show you how to manage all of those vacation photos when you get home.  We’ll get there, eventually, and blast out all of those 80s tunes along the way. (Bonus question: What was the first video played on MTV? Bonus points if you DON’T search on Google).

I stil have some fine tuning to do; however, I wanted to get this announcement out before the end of June.

Welcome to my new online home.

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