Hello June, 16,000+ and a Messy Craft Room :(

If you look at my in box, there are almost 16,000 email messages.  As of 6:00 p.m. today, there are over 16,000 e-mail messages.  It's driving me crazy.  I don't know why I can't delete messages as they come in.  I'm afraid I'm going to delete something important. There are also over 10,000 deleted messages that I haven't emptied from the "delete" folder.  I find maintenance items such as deleting unwanted email messages, or photos from my computer SO tedious, that I avoid it until it's just screaming at me (or my computer is starting to run REALLY slow, which is happening right now as well). Ninety-nine percent of the emails I receive are junk, stuff I get because I've ordered something online.

GOAL:  Delete 1,000 messages per day until you have deleted everything.  Delete as you go is the new "tough love."

This is my craft room 🙁  I love this room when it isn't so cluttered and junky.  When my craft room looks like this, it robs me of my creative energy, and I can't ever afford to let that happen.

I seriously have too much stuff and no where to put it.  So, Tough Love Part II is purging, getting rid of stuff, and finding a home for everything else.  Part of the problem is that because I have so much stuff, I can't keep everything together in one place, for example, my photography equipment consists of two camera bags, a messenger bag (for day trips), a big, heavy tripod, a DSLR body, a film body, several lenses, several speedlights and four flash stands, film, photo paper (both color and black and white for use in the darkroom), a film tank (plus other stuff).  All of this equipment will take up one of my tiny closets in my craft room or office.  Not to mention the thousands of photos I have in boxes waiting to be scrapbooked or put into an album.  

GOAL:  Set the timer for 30 minutes at a time and just go for it.

It's almost overwhelming, but I have to start tackling it in baby steps, and not get discouraged. 

Cross your fingers and wish me luck (I'm going to need it!).  I feel accountable to all of my many readers :), so I'll be sure to post photos of my progress.

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  1. Sweetay June 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Wow, I thought I had a lot of email with my 300 though I have been deleting daily to get rid of them. I do have some I want to keep so I have been categorizing them and sorting them into folders so they don’t clog up the “new” mail folder and I can find the ones I want when I want them – or so my theory goes. The craft room – I feel your pain…I agree with the tough love/purging concept, I am adopting that attitude also. Baby steps for you and for me. We will overcome!!

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