Hello, Mother Nature …



Well, Mother Nature decided to check out my address yesterday with a thunderstorm which sliced a big chunk of a limb from an obliging oak tree that crushed part of my fence and the remainder landed in my neighbor’s side and back yard.  This is the second tree from my yard to land in their yard in the past 18 months.  (The first was a pine tree on Valentine’s Day 2007).  Thankfully, no one was injured either time and there doesn’t appear to be any property damage this time (there wasn’t last time either).  There is a new family living in the house, a mother and her son moved in about six weeks ago – I never see them, so now I’ll get to finally meet them.  I took a note over explaining about the tree and saying I have contacted a tree removal service for an estimate and asked the mother to give me a call.  The funny thing is – I have a permit request in with the county to have my trees trimmed – guess I don’t need a permit if Mother Nature decides to do a little tree trimming on her own, and the tree company will pick up a little extra business.

I did go to the gym yesterday afternoon, and made an appointment to go in this morning to get all signed up and a tutorial on how to use the equipment.  The gym is a small women owned business catering to women which I like, and is not part of a chain which I like even better, and there is no commitment, no sign-up fee, you renew every three months —  no hassle. 

I got my craft room all cleaned up – it looks great, and I've started working on a "puppy" mini album for Daisy — painted some chipboard — and glued the patterned paper down on the chipboard pages.


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