Hibiscus Heaven


This hibiscus totally came out of my yard 😉

The hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers — the blooms only last a day, but they are spectacular.  The variety I have planted in my yard are perennials (they come back every year).  Last year, I had some problem with a fungus on the hibiscus, so I ended up planting three more hibiscus plants, and it looks like they'll all be blooming very soon.

Today was supposed to be a pool day, but the weather wasn't cooperating in the morning, and when I made other plans, it turned out to be a beautiful pool day.  Oh well….

Really striving to focus on things I can control:  cleaning my office, getting my photographs framed and on the wall, planning a party for Labor Day weekend (or some weekend in September), planning my butterfly garden, getting the patio cleaned up, (is too late to plant sunflower seeds?), uploading and order photos from the Kodak Gallery, doing something really creative in my craft room, putting the final touches on the house after the remodel, and taking stuff to Goodwill (that always feels SO wonderful).

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