Hike #3, And Mom Comes to Visit.

Yesterday's hike was at the American Chestnut Land Trust in Prince Frederick, Maryland.  The photo above is of an old fashioned outhouse (or privy), which thankfully, was operational.  The hike itself was again, blissfully peaceful.  I only passed one other party on the entire trail, a grandfather and grandson.  I brought along the DSLR camera again yesterday, and I have decided to leave it at home on future local hikes and bring my Nikon Coolpix S70 instead which is much more compact.  I can always go back with the camera and tripod at the right time of day to do some shooting (early morning or at dusk).

I love this one of the dragonflies.  There were at least a dozen pairs flying around.

 Do you see the frog?  I startled it, but was able to capture a photo before it hopped away.

There is a downside to hiking.  Ticks.  I found one attached while showering yesterday.  A frantic scramble to get it out, and in a container of alcohol, labeled with the date.  Then another frantic search of the Internet to find out what type of tick it was.  My best guess is a Lone Star tick, not a deer tick.  Whew!  I have also read that deet (which is an ingredient in a lot of bug sprays) helps to repel ticks.  I did not put on bug spray on Saturday, but will definitely be using bug spray on all future hikes.

Taking a break from the hiking, partly because the weather is going to be in the upper 90s through Friday, and because Mom came to visit yesterday.  Went to the pool, hung out and watched Black Swan, and neither one of us understood why the film won Best Picture and Best Actress.

Heading to Homestead Gardens tomorrow.

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  1. Teresa Lowry June 10, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    I so Love looking at your photo’s…I had a little frog last week …a tree frog I think. Anyway, it looked identical to the one you photo’s here…he was living inside the base of the umbrella…thank goodness I seen him before ramming the umbrella in the hole!

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