Holiday Photo Cards

Scan0086Yours truly, a long time ago, I think before the craziness of Christmas really got out of hand.

Anyway, I digress…as I often do when I go back and look at old photos.

I love getting holiday photo cards.  I like seeing how my friends’ kids have grown and changed since the last holiday season.  Most people just send a photo card of their kids.

I really encourage you to include yourselves in your holiday cards.  At the end of the day, when your kids are grown, they aren’t going to care that you felt you needed to lose a few pounds before you could have your photo taken, or that you don’t look perfectly groomed, etc.   Don’t deprive your children of precious memories because you have hang-ups about the way you look.  They just want to see you in this moment frozen in time.  Trust me, it is going to mean a lot to your kids later down the road.


Me and my buddy, Zachary, circa 2005.

Scan0111Me and Miss Daisy, back in the 90s … I miss those guys…

Hand the camera over and let someone else take the photo.  Encourage the person to shoot looking down (it is SUCH a flattering look), turn off the flash, and be creative about your background.

IMG_0315 copyMy girlfriend and I went to Homestead Gardens, which is well known in the Washington DC area for it’s huge selection of plants, flowers, and gift items.  At Christmas, the store is turned into a winter wonderland, with lots of decorated trees, fantasy winter themed scenes, like the one above.  We took turns taking photos of each other in various locations around the store.  It was really fun, and a perfect backdrop for the family Christmas photo.  We saw families lining up to have their photos taken.  Don’t be afraid to hand over the camera to someone else and have him or her take a few photos, so you can also be included.

If a staged photo around the Christmas tree isn’t your thing, or your kids are grown, you are single, etc.  (All of which I can SO relate to), send your own photo card, with a picture of you front and center on your last vacation, or one of you with your pets, or your significant other, and most certainly one of you looking your best.

I love those cards the most, people out living their life, in whatever stage of life they are in.

I believe life, in all its phases, is worth documenting (not necessarily all of  it is for public consumption, I love looking back and see where I’ve been and where I am going).

Have fun with those photo cards.



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