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_DSC3580LRI am so full of myself sometimes.

I had big dreams and visions of blogging on the road about all of the cool and amazing things I saw, and truth be told, I was so beyond frustrated by the lack of a decent internet connection I gave up.

I am so lame.

However, I also learned on this trip that a personal wi-fi hotspot is essential when traveling. It relies on your own cell phone signal and also uses your own precious data, so either use it sparingly or upgrade your data plan (which is what I ended up doing for future travel).

Relying on someone else’s wi-fi can be awesome at its best, however, incredibly frustrating at its worst (which is where I was most of the time).

I found that hotel wi-fi worked great.  Restaurant wi-fi (at least at the McDonald’s in Marathon) wasn’t very good at all.

I will blog about our travels and what we did, and the cool things we encountered.

In the meantime, getting caught up on life here at home.

It feels great.


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