Homestead Gardens Goodness


I went to Homestead Gardens yesterday to see all of their beautiful Christmas displays and decorations. They had carolers dressed up in period costumes from the 1800s singing songs from the period.  

 It's just over the top with how well they decorate.  I like to go early and take photos before everything gets picked over.  I also got a couple of Christmas gifts, and have formulated some ideas on what to do for other family members, so it's a good start.


Look at all of these poinsettias!  I'm going to take my big camera back one day this week and take some more photos.  These were shot with my Coolpix.

Today was a great warm (60 degree) day.  We still haven't had a hard freeze yet.  I'm so thankful for the mostly mild weather so far.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and now it's full speed ahead to Christmas!

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