Hot Chocolate Holidays

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Just some quick news:

itunes has a selection of free holiday songs.  You can download them here.

Jessica Sprague has some good deals on her website, check it out here, and sign up for a class for 20% off through December 25th, classes and products.  I've signed up for the Illustrator 101:  Designing for Yourself class (at 20% off) which begins on January 1, 2010 as well as Pen Tablet Basics for Scrapbookers, which also begins in January.  Jessica also has 24 Days of Gift Inspiration on her website, as well as an online wish list, so those that never know what to get you can go there and sign you up for the class of your choice!

A great photography magazine called Aperture was recommended to me by my photography instructor.  Founded by some of the pioneers of photography, the magazine strives to foster both the development and appreciation of the medium and its practitioners. (from the Aperture website).  I am also hoping to get some ideas on developing a photographic body of work.

I am taking an online Photoshop class at the college next semester, so I'm going to be online a lot with classes.  A new Macbook is on my Christmas list, but I don't know if Santa will be putting that under the tree or not.  Maybe a quick letter to the North Pole…it couldn't hurt….


Busy making Christmas cards too…  All consuming until I'm done.  It's a good thing it's so darn cold outside!  Hope the photos for the cards come in soon from the Kodak Gallery…

I know I am woefully behind on my Christmas Journal, hoping to get caught up tonight.

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