I Have Caterpillars! (Finally)


I know the photo is blurry,  I was in a hurry — no time for retakes — but you can see the caterpillar!


On Friday, I was clearing off the patio, putting things away that could potentially blow away with Tropical Storm Hanna approaching and I looked down at the parsley and saw 2 caterpillars!  I had JUST put the butterfly castle away for the season thinking I wasn’t going to have any cocoons over the winter.  I grabbed the pot of parsley and put it in the house – I didn’t want to take a chance of anything happening to the Cats during the storm.  Luckily, Hanna was kind to us on Saturday and it wasn’t much more than a soaking rain with a little wind – we’ve had worse thunderstorms. Annapolis got 1.89” of rain which seems about right – other local areas got hit worse —  up to 6” in some places with a lot more wind.  By 8:00 p.m. Hanna was history, and the stars and moon were out.  Yesterday was spent putting everything back into its place,  mulching the fallen leaves, and enjoying the patio (truly my outdoor living room this summer). I also got the caterpillar castle back out and put the parsley plant inside of it.

I also worked on my homework for Drawing class — drawing 7 objects this week:

Homework Week 2

The drawing loses something in scanning — but I'm making definite progress.  For practice I use my 9"x12" sketchbook, for class I have to use my 18"x24" Drawing Pad — which changes everything — getting the perspective and proportions right while also trying to center the drawing on the paper is very challenging — no matter which pad I'm using. 

Have a great week — and can you believe this is my 101st post!

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