I LOVE the way this photo turned out — one of those spur of the moment, grab the camera, and it all came out just beautiful.

Here is another awesome blog about food, travel and lifestyle that I love: .  It is written by Béa, “a French expatriate living in Boston with my Irish-American husband; I am obsessed with cooking, eating, sampling new ingredients, styling and photographing food.”  Her blog truly expresses her love of all of those things!

I attended mandatory orientation at the community college last night from 8:00 a.m. to 9:40 p.m.  They don’t give you your student ID until you attend the orientation.  I had to fill out an envelope with my name, and address and they will mail me my ID.  Seriously, it was overkill, and that whole session didn’t need to take more than 30 to 45 minutes.  They were going over e-mail techniques on the website because all students have an account.  Trust me, it’s totally self-explanatory and anyone that has had an e-mail account of any kind would have figured it out.  (I have an account already because I’ve taken non-credit classes at the college).   I felt really bad for those people who work full-time commute to and from DC everyday and had to attend this orientation at 8:00 p.m. and it dragging on for as long as it did.  This session was for adult students long out of high school – we're not new here – I felt they treated us as if we were completely clueless about life in general.

I did note one funny/relatable to photography moment.  During one of the videos, the Dean of Students is speaking, and one side of her face is brightly lit, the other side is in complete shade, as it was filmed outdoors, and I’m thinking – there needs to be a light off to the right at 45% shining towards her, etc. 😉

I did find out where I’m supposed to go on Tuesday for class, so that’s good.  The only downside with this whole college experience is the drive – the college is 35 to 40 minutes away from home.  But I will pass by Starbucks on the way to class . . .  😉

Have a great weekend, and do something creative!

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