I Survived CKU! ;-)


 Greetings from Galveston.

 CKU is over – and I survived intact, I think ;-).  CKU was a great experience – the staff did a great job, and all the sponsor goodies were a huge bonus.  Saturday night we had a “commencement” ceremony at 6:00 p.m., and CKU was officially over, although you could stay and crop until midnight (which I did not).  My favorite thing about CKU was taking Ali’s album track, Evolution, on Friday.  I also enjoyed all of the other classes and instructors. I’ll post a link to photos of the projects when I get home.  One of the things the instructors stressed to us was to “let go and stop over-thinking everything.”  They encouraged us to make our own creations and not merely follow their sample – pick a path and go with it and see where it leads.  Sometimes mistakes turn out to be a wonderful surprise, other times, not so much – it’s all part of the creative process.

I was so exhausted after class Friday and Saturday that I couldn’t even think about blogging…  I am still really tired, and I’ve managed to catch a cold.  On Sunday, I checked out of the Westin in Houston and drove down to Galveston since I wasn’t flying home until today. I didn’t want to just come to Houstonto attend CKU inside of a hotel for 3 ½ days without seeing a little more of the city and surrounding areas.

It’s been really hot here – but thankfully also really windy – which makes it not feel so hot.   There are two temperatures in Houston – outside and inside.  It’s miserably hot outside and freezing cold inside – everywhere!  Seriously, it’s been a great first visit to Texas, everyone was so friendly, and I’d like to come back again and explore more of the Lone Star State.  Thanks y’all!

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