Going Back in the Photo Archives

Klp090208ItsAGirl copy

My mom recently gave me this photo of her and my Dad and me the day they brought me home from the hospital WAY back in the day.  Mom was only 19, and Dad was 24.  I can’t imagine being that young with a new baby – what an awesome responsibility.  I scanned the photo in and printed it out and created this scrapbook page.  I should get Mom to do the journaling on how she felt on that day.  (Hint, Mom, I know you read the blog every day 😉 and so glad you do.)  I am also working on a monthly scrapbook pages for 2008 – using an 18 “ x 12” watercolor paper pad – just leaving the sheets intact.  I saw the idea in the January/February 2008 issue of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, pages 90-91.   Will post photos in the near future.


Of course I got another great backlit photo of my hummingbird (now that I turned in my photo assignment to NYIP already):




I have class today, and hopefully I won't get sick if I have to have my drawing critiqued ;-)  For photography, I have my first roll of black and white film (Kodak TMax 100) ready to be developed by me in the darkroom — can't wait to see how it turns out.

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