Illustrator Drawings and Cabin Fever

Stapler Drawings
Here are the stapler drawings I recreated in Illustrator.  I'm happy with the way they turned out considering that I just learned to use the program during the past week.

I have a photoshop collage to finish by tomorrow.  I have taken the photos, I just need to get the collage part done. 

I've been spending so much time in my office these days, here is the view outside the window:

So, starting to get a little cabin fever, but it is so cold outside and the road are better, but everyone is digging out and is home from work and out, and I don't feel like fighting for the limited number of parking spaces because of all the piled up snow, and I'm sure people are mobbing the grocery stores for supplies for the next storm.  I may take the dogs for a walk in a little while.

The snow totals for tomorrow & Wednesday's storms keep adding up — there is a potential now for 6" to 12" of snow.  There is already at least a 12' high snow mound right in front of my house.  I can't imagine where we're going to put more snow.

Spring will come, eventually.

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