In Memory of Granny M.

I just love the natural light coming in the window when I took this picture.  This Christmas cactus bloom is happening right now, and while blooming Christmas cactuses at times other than Christmas are not at all uncommon, this bloom on this cactus is special.  This cactus belonged to my Granny, and when she passed away in June 1997, I got the Christmas cactus which by the way was in full bloom.  This variety of cactus you can't find anymore.  On the way home a big piece broke off, and my Mom took that home and rooted it.  My cactus never ever bloomed again.  Then a couple of years ago, the plant died.  Mom's plant meanwhile thrived and bloomed and was huge.  So she potted a cutting from Granny's original cactus and gave it to me.  Again, this cactus didn't bloom either until now.  And just this one bloom.  But I am so happy to see this one full bloom.  I don't know why Granny's Christmas cactuses don't bloom for me.  I have the new variations, and they bloom beautifully.  I may have to study on this and I think part of the reason is the lighting in my house and I don't get full sun or have a southern exposure.  That's the only thing I can think of.

In the meantime, just enjoying my one bloom, and thinking of Granny.

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