Ireland Album Part I

I spent the weekend adding stuff to the book I made for Ireland.  As you can see, it's pretty full, and I have only put in photos and memorabilia from Dublin and Belfast. So, I am going to have to make another book documenting the rest of the trip.

To see how I made the book, read this.

Actually, since I have to make another album, covering the two big cities in one album and then the rest of the country (when we rented the car and drove) in another album is a good way to break it up.

When I travel, I tend to collect lots of stuff, and put it in one place (usually a Ziploc bag or two or three).   Then, when I get home and actually put the album together, I weed out what I want to go in my album and then throw the rest of the stuff away WITH NO GUILT.

So, here is how Ireland, Part I came together:

DSC_5899 DSC_5900DSC_5901DSC_5902DSC_5903DSC_5904

I also took lots of photos of what I ate (and drank).
In this photo, I wanted to capture the fashion style of these young women.  For me, it's not all about just photographing landmarks, I want to capture the small details of everyday life.

DSC_5906 DSC_5907Shamrock cut-out is from Paper Source.


For my photos and many of the post cards, I used a tape runner and stuck them back to back, punched the holes and put them directly into the book.


I did journal on most days about what we did and where we went.  It is SO much easier to document things while they're still fresh rather than trying to remember all of those little details months later.  Since my journaling was jotted down in random fashion on whatever paper I could find, I re-wrote it for the book. All of my journaling scraps will be placed into one of the envelopes in the book.

DSC_5924DSC_5925 DSC_5926 DSC_5927The back of the book.  I did not attend the Belfast Film Festival, but in my pile of "stuff" there was a magazine all about the festival which was taking place while we were in Belfast.  I loved the photo of the woman, so I cut it out and pasted it in, along with the information about the festival.  The rest of the magazine will be thrown away. 

So, now I have to go and make another book for Ireland, Part II.

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  1. I Love it! The postcard idea was fab as well!
    Can’t wait to see part 2 of the Cities!
    I like how you had the tickets laid out, and pages from the magazine. The way it’s laid out reminds me of the old stamp books you see in auction house’s.

  2. How organized you are. I, too put my Irish treasures in the book that you so generously made for me. Of course, I can’t close it and probably should make another myself. I will leave the journaling to you, so that when I am old and gray, you can remind me where it was we went and what it was we did. That may not be so far away.

  3. Amazing. It makes me want to go back to Ireland even more!

  4. Teri & Yvonne,
    Thanks so much for your input — both of you are part of my Ireland memories.

  5. You are with out a doubt the most interesting combination of creativity and talent I have ever encountered. Thanks for inspiring!

  6. Angila,
    You inspire me with your courage to travel to Haiti to help those in need, and the way you are raising your family in a healthy and organic way. I really hope to meet you in person some day. Keep up all of your good work.

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