I’m Ready for Spring.


This is the scene outside of a restaurant I went to for lunch today.

DSC_2095 DSCN0491

I'm cold. I'm lethargic.  All I want to do is eat.  (Not a good thing).  We've been 10 degrees below average forever.  We haven't even had any "teaser" days (those rare but welcome warm days in the middle of winter — anything above 60 degrees counts, I'd even take 50 degrees at this point).

I'm ready for warm breezes and flip flops and blooming flowers, and tiki bars with live music.

The good news is that Mom and I are heading to Florida on March 1st for 10 days.  I'm hoping that Florida will also be out of it's much colder than normal winter by then.

Also sitting in front of my TV every night from 8 p.m. to midnight keeping up with the Winter Olympics.  What an amazing group of talented individuals.  I mean to even get there is such an accomplishment.  All of the athletes are gold medal winners in my book.

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