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DSC_5665DSC_5669 DSC_5672Peonies are my absolute favorite flower.  Mine are finally blooming.  My spring perennials tend to bloom later than everywhere else, and I’m guessing that is because the Chesapeake Bay keeps the air temperature cooler here in the spring.  I have three peony plants, and one has died and the other one gets tiny buds that never bloom.  The third peony more than makes up for the other two.  Every year it keeps getting bigger and more blooms that fully open.  My rock star peony came from Homestead Gardens.  The other two were from somewhere else.  So, I have purchased another peony to replace the one that died, and will probably also replace the plant that isn’t blooming (this has been going on for several years now).

On another note, I looked in my flower pot yesterday, the one where I left the deformed butterfly:

It was still alive.  So, I soaked a cotton ball in the sugar water I keep for the hummingbirds, and then I did the humane thing, and put the butterfly with the cotton ball and paper towel into the freezer.  In an hour, it was over.  For some strange reason, the Universe left me with the ultimate fate of this butterfly.  I find it amazing that this butterfly lived for four days without being a meal for some other creature.   I’ve seen some vicious attacks on my patio, a wasp eating a caterpillar and slugs eating another deformed butterfly I left in a pot of flowers last summer.

It looks like there are two cocoons left.  One opened up over the weekend, and I didn’t get to see it.  I am thinking it was a healthy butterfly, because it is gone, out living its life.

Now off to tackle my to-do list.


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  1. Teri Lowry May 24, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Awe, that was definitely better than a wasp or spider getting it!
    I just had my first Butterfly on the Deck this morning, very similar coloring! Hovering around the new Daisy plant, couldn’t get my camera in time to get a pic…but the sugar water is a definite “Draw them in” lure! Can’t wait to see more…I think I’ll pick up a few more flowering Daisy’s or plants!
    Your Peonies are Fabulous Looking!
    I’ll post some of the new plants I have on my notes…I have to create a typePad like you have, much easier than Facebooks notes and better layout!

  2. Jennifer G May 24, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    I love your peonies!!! I want to grow some!

  3. Kathy May 24, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    Thanks, I really look forward to them blooming all year. Peonies are really easy to grow, and multiply every year. Here is a website with some great information on growing peonies: http://www.uri.edu/ce/factsheets/sheets/peonies.html

  4. Kathy May 24, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    Plant LOTS of parsley to attract black swallowtail butterflies to your deck. I plant several pots every summer. The butterfly will lay its eggs on the parsley and then the caterpillars will hatch and eat the parsley until they get big and fat and then they go into chrysalis, The sugar water (4 parts water to 1 part sugar) is good to feed the butterflies (and hummingbirds too).

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