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I'm going back to school ;-)!  I signed up for a Black and White Photography class and a drawaing class.  I went to the college today to pick up my text book for school (I only needed one book — for photography, and even used it was still $79 — with a 10% discount which expires tomorrow and the reason I went to get the book today).  Even though I've gone to college for many, many years (which is what it takes to get a degree when working full-time), I still have to go to a student orientation next week because I've never taken a course at this particular school.  The refresher will be good for me, as I've been out of an academic environment for almost four years.  And the really cool thing about these classes is that they are courses I am passionate about — not ones I need to complete for some degree requirement (hear that Math and Statistics!)


I saw this black swallowtail butterfly landing on the parsely the other day — I should know soon if it laid any eggs.  I am so bummed — no caterpillars this year — by this time last year I had lots of caterpillars eating lots of parsley.

While I was at the college bookstore today, I saw a sign that said something about volunteering is good and volunteering just long enough to put it on your resume as bad (or undesirable) and then the website getgoodkarma.org.  How cool is that?  I thought.  However, when I went to the website, it is no longer available, and I was referred to other possible websites for ideas on how to get involved in my community.

Speaking of community involvement, I applied to be a volunteer at my local SPCA, and received a letter from them regarding attending a training session next week before I start my official volunteering.  I'm looking forward to getting involved in a cause I am passionate about — the health and welfare of homeless, abanadoned and abused animals.

Have a great Tuesday…

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