Las Olas Art Festival

01 13 2010 074 01 13 2010 075 01 13 2010 076

 01 13 2010 078 01 13 2010 082Mom and I went to the Las Olas Art Festival yesterday.  There were some great booths with some incredible art.  The sculptures above were one of the few places you were allowed to photograph.  The cute magenta dinosaur above only cost $34K.  There were no fewer than 20 photographers selling their photographs, and many of them specialized in wildlife photography.  It was a great late morning/early afternoon of browsing.

We came back to our hotel and changed into swim suits and got some afternoon sun.  It was nice and warm.  Lounge chairs by the pool were at a premium, and we had to wait for some people to leave in order to get a chair.  We may have to get out there really early tomorrow morning and claim our chair with a towel.  We had an early dinner, and then watched the Academy Awards.

Only two days left here in South Florida before heading back home.

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