Learning What I Like and Don’t Like About Hotels

01 13 2010 006
My Zen Place… 

This post's original title was going to be:  "Feeling Ripped Off" but since I'm trying to incorporate "consciousness" into my daily life and also realizing that I am somewhere where it's at least 30 degrees warmer than home, I decided to rethink that title and hence that's where the title above came from.

So, I'm now conscious about what I like and don't like about some hotels:

I enjoy staying at nice hotels.  I’ve stayed in my share of great hotels, and I’ve also stayed in my share of dumps.  More and more I’m really beginning to dislike staying at big chain hotels.  I am staying at one of these hotels, (which shall remain nameless).  They nickel and dime their customers to death on top of charging premium room rates, they also charge:

  • $13.99 Internet daily charge (24 hours)  Free wireless internet in the lobby…very inconvenient (and where I'm typing up this post :-(  (I HATE paying for wireless Internet).
  • $29.50 plus tax daily parking charge and no self-parking, so that means tipping the valet every single time you need your car.
  • Room Service:  22% Gratuity, 2% service charge, $5 in-room dining delivery charge, and 6% sales tax (all of these charges probably cost more than the meal)… I don’t dare order anything…
  • $6 for a bagel, cream cheese, and a bottle of water from the coffee shop downstairs
  • $3 for a 12 oz. cup of coffee


However, the room is gorgeous and the view is stunning.  I think maybe these big chain hotels cater more to corporate clients — customers with a company credit card.

Then found bargain movies at the Wal-Mart Supercenter:

$7.50 for Pride & Prejudice (w/Keira Knightly)

And only $5 for:

Waiting to Exhale

Fatal Atttraction

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (Great movie starring Halle Berry)

I also found $11 replacement ear buds for my ipod…in pink….

I am not ashamed to admit that I 'm just a Wal-Mart kinda girl …

Bottom line, I'm not new here, I should have just booked my hotel where I always do.

Live and learn.

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