Less than Ideal Conditions


Today I went to photograph the horses.  With color film.  When I originally got there, the gate was locked, and I didn't have any way to contact anyone on the inside.  I was SO bummed.  I drove around looking for other horses to photograph, no luck.  I drove back by the farm, and saw a truck waiting outside the locked gate.  I stopped and they were waiting to be let in so I went in behind them and was able to do the shooting.

The plan was to get in the pasture with the horses and interact with them, but it was SO muddy it just wasn't an option with my camera, lenses, tripod, plus the carrots and apples I brought for the horses, which by the way, they were like "whatever" with that stuff — we want sweet feed.  They preferred the carrots more than the apples.  I also had an assistant — this very friendly cat, who at one point was sitting inside the camera back pack.


I also got another surprise:


This praying mantis was on the fence post where the horses were.  I love how I got it's shadow — totally unplanned and random.  

I shot two rolls of color film, and a bunch of digital.  I need at least five prints for the final project in color photography.

Here's hoping I have what I need on film …

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