Lessons from Ranger and a Grackle

Klp062308Ranger copy

(Ranger page all digital utilizing a portion of Ali Edwards Template 1, and Scrap Girls:  SNU By the Sea Collection 12 x12 Shell paper, Coreensilke mini staple, TCS Dreamer Alphabet, TCS Dreamer WordArt-Label Waiting, TCS Dreamer Embellishment Mat Rectangle and KLP Print font)

Ranger is the sweetest stray cat – I am assuming he’s stray because he’s not neutered and was a mess when he first started visiting, as in really dirty from not grooming because he was hungry and he’s also really skinny.  He’s so awesome and friendly.  I have no idea where he spends the rest of his time, but he usually comes in the morning and evening to be fed, petted and brushed.  He still trusts humans – realizing we’re not all bad, and a whole lot of us really care about animals. 









The bird that flew into my window on Sunday I think is a grackle (from talking to a number of wildlife people).  It is amazingly still alive and I was told to feed it dry cat food moistened with water, which it ate a lot of.  It has head trauma and can’t really stand on its own, and its head is seriously tilted sideways and almost upside down, but it does have its perch reflex (as in it perches on my finger which means it doesn’t have spinal cord issues), and ate the cat food from my hand – as much as its instincts told it to be afraid of me – it perched and ate.  I really hope it lives.  I’m meeting the wildlife rehabilitator, Kristen, tomorrow to give her the bird.  Even if it doesn’t make it, Kristen said something that made me feel a lot better – “At least you took the bird in and made it comfortable – even if it dies – it’s a much better way to go than being left out in the elements to be tormented, tortured and eaten alive by some predator.”


Still working on Daisy's book — and I'm starting to really like this digital scrapbooking — I want to try the hybrid stuff too (combination of digital and traditional scrapbooking).  While reading 15 Things You Need to Know to Become a Great Digital Scrapbooker, the founder of Scrap Girls told her story — totally into all the stuff, hoarding it, not wanting to use it, getting overwhelmed by the process and then she found digital scrapbooking and that's all she does and she got rid of all of her traditional scrapbooking supplies.  You can read the full story here.

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  1. Teri June 26, 2008 at 7:37 pm #

    The Rehabilitator is absolutely right. Good job Kath! Also, I have a book from Scrapbook Club called something like Papers & Pixels. It’s about hybriding.

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