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Daisy and Jake ~ Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area, LaPlata, MD around 1998

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been working on Daisy's album, which means going through lots of old photos and scanning them in and printing them out to use in her album.  There's a lot of emotion in those photos and a lot of time as well ~ ten years since the above photo was taken.  I was in such a different place then, especially emotionally, and these two guys really helped me through it.  They were the true joys of my life ~ minimal sorrow (like when Daisy chewed a hole in the quilt I made by hand).  I lived in a townhouse then, and with working and commuting I was gone almost 12 hours a day, and Daisy and Jake had to live with being confined to the house and back yard during the week.  On weekends though I would really make the effort to take them to Myrtle Grove so they could run and get out all of that pent up energy.  Jake was so graceful and would literally fly over logs and obstacles, his paws barely touching the ground while his nose never left the ground (it was the beagle in him).  He was truly the most gentle and loving creature I have ever known.  I adopted him from Tri County Animal Shelter – I can't even imagine who would let this beautiful dog end up in such a place?  (Look at Jake, doesn't he look like he's smiling?)  Both dogs were amazingly good off leash, never bothered other people or dogs, listened really well, and Daisy was always careful to keep me in her sight.  I was starting to get all teary eyed thinking that neither Daisy or Jake are with me anymore, Jake died tragically in January 2001, and Daisy died suddenly in January 2005 (something about January…)  But then I had to stop myself — they lived every day to the fullest never contemplating the end, and certainly never complaining.  That's what I need to do too — not dwell on the grief, but on what wonderful lives they had and how much they enriched mine.  I have the photos to remind me of what great memories I've collected on this path of life, and that's why I scrapbook.

Tomorrow I'll be creating new memories by participating in Scrap Your Day.  So far, I haven't followed up with creating the actual pages — just snapping photos.  I'm also not big on following the template on how to do the page, which I'm sure is fine with Shimelle ;-)  I participated in her Christmas Journal class last year and made a page for every day of December and the first six days of January and I had a great time and more importantly, I used what I had on hand without buying a lot of new stuff, and my creativity was really on fire.  I really need to call a halt to scrapbook spending — it's really getting out of hand — I'll save that rant for another post.

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