Let the Documenting of December Begin

Christmas Journal Cover Page 2010

This is the cover for my 2010 Christmas Journal.  It is clear acrylic, and you can read here how I created the cover, and the basic structure of my journal for this year.  I didn't get a chance to scan in all the "before" pages and post them, so I will scan them in as I go, and provide a "before and after" copy.

December 1a
This is also a clear overlay, so I can put a photo on this page or a journaling card or nothing at all.  Some days there is a lot going on, and on others, not so much.

December 1b
And this is the actual page.  If it seems confusing now, it won't after I get the first day completed and you can see the process.

Hope you decide to also document your Holiday, whatever traditions you celebrate.

I am also so thankful to a certain Clark Griswold who hung beautiful white garland lights on the front of my house yesterday ;-) 

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  1. I am beginning my documentation journey! :o) Thank you for my album!

  2. Will you do one for me? Just put in there anything you think I should be doing. :o)JK

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