Letting Go of Perfection

A miniscule sampling of my pen collection. 

Some people might say I need a 12 step program for my pen addiction.  

They would most likely be right.

I love pens.  I love doodling.  I love the act of just writing, practicing alphabets, writing my name over and over and each time adding something different.

I am also fascinated with artists' sketchbooks.  I want to be one of those artists with a phenomenal sketchbook that people go "WOW" when they see it.  (But mostly I want it to be WOW for me, because not all of the contents of my sketchbook will I want to share).

I have been thumbing through An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory. I came across sketchbook pages from the journals of Cathy Johnson.  Something she said struck me as an "AHA" moment.  She keeps all of the stuff from her everyday life in ONE journal — lists, doodling, sketching, etc.  That's what I want to do this year.  Keep everything from my daily life in one illustrated journal.  Receipts, memorabilia, journaling, drawing, etc.

There's only one problem.

Letting go of the notion that before I even start:  It has to be PERFECT.

Those 7 letters have paralyzed me for much of my life.  So I end up feeling totally intimidated that I choke and can't put forth my best effort (which happened a lot in my Paper Source days) or I don't even bother trying.

So, as part of my consciousness for 2010, I am giving up perfection.  I am going to take my sketchbook and write in it and face the consequences, good, bad or indifferent.

I am no longer going to be afraid.

So, here is what I wrote (in part) in my sketchbook for today.

A good start I think. 

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