Life Post-Irene

DSC_7097 DSC_7098DSC_7102This is the aftermath of Hurricane Irene at my house.  Thankfully, no damage or downed trees.  I had my trees trimmed and one cut down and hauled away this winter.

Some of my neighbors weren't so lucky.  Thankfully for this neighbor, no damage to his house or other property, just his fence.

Downed power lines, which meant no power for about three days.

More downed trees and power lines.

And this tree came up by the roots and hit this house under construction.

Lots of candles and battery operated lanterns, and lots of time to reflect (after cleaning up the debris outside).

  • There is life without electronics (shocking, I know).
  • All of those running generators are very noisy (but grateful to my neighbors for letting me plug in my refrigerator into their generator).
  • The stars were brilliant without all of the city lights obstructing the view,
  • Good to remember that you can always dance in the rain, even during a hurricane 🙂
  • So thankful my house wasn't damaged.
  • Glad my friend, Nanette came over and got me out of the house for awhile.
  • Definitely going to be getting my own generator.

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