Life’s Lessons Learned



(The happiest little guy I know 😉

There is a saying that goes if you don't learn your lesson the first time around, the same situations keep reappearing until you learn what you are supposed to.  I think the lesson that has been haunting me forever is the one on "How to be Happy."  I think many of us (myself included) think we can only be happy if everything is perfect — If I have the right job, the right car, trips to warm climates in the winter, etc.  But life doesn't work that way.  Happiness, no matter what your circumstances is a choice.  Admittedly a difficult one to make at times.  Yesterday started off not good — a $334 plumbing bill to fix a leaky toilet (my fault for not making the guy give me an estimate), a rainy and miserable day, and I had to go to work, and complained the whole way there to a friend who gave me a prompt and much needed reality check about how lucky I am to: have a job to go to, a car to drive, my health, etc.  We can all choose to focus on the negatives or not, and today I choose Not.  We are 100 percent responsible for our state of happiness or unhappiness.



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