Listening to Your Gut Instinct

That is MY Jeep up on the rack with the tires off.

I went to get my Jeep inspected for emissions in Annapolis this morning.  The Jeep ran fine until I stopped to get gas, which was really close to the emissions station.  Then it seemed to be running sluggish.  I went through emissions, and it passed, and then it was really struggling to get above 20 mph and I had the gas pedal all the way to the floor.  I thought maybe it was water in the gas line or in the tank, and pulled over to a gas station and got some stuff to put in the tank and it still wasn't running right.  So pulled right into NTB next to the gas station, and my calipers had frozen — basically like driving with the brakes on, it did feel like the emergency brake was on, but it wasn't.

I just had this feeling last week that something wasn't right with the Jeep.  It was low on coolant, and I filled that, but I still had "a feeling."  

Listen to those "feelings."

My movie is DONE.  Had to upload everything from Mac into Windows and the movie converted.  The Encoder file on the Mac must be corrupted or something.

Going to bed.

It's been a LONG day.

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