Making a List (and Leaving it At Home)


Today was busy (like I am sure it is for most of us this time of year).  Tag teaming on gift card purchases, meeting up at Best Buy, can't decide on a DVD player for the house (so left without one), picking up some Christmas DVDs (I gave away all of my VHS tapes, and am replacing everything with DVDs), driving to Beacon Surplus in Waldorf to buy stuff, stop by the new Target in Brandywine, and try to remember what I'm supposed to buy because I left my list at home!

Welcome to the holidays, but it's all in good fun.

Tomorrow going to the National Gallery of Art in DC to see an exhibit entitled:  In the Darkroom:  Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age.  Then to the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria for lunch and shopping.  A fun day planned.

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