Making Progress and Staying Warm

DSC_1224 copyI managed to get my sister's family's Christmas presents wrapped, boxed up and shipped out today along with my Christmas cards (finally!).  I make my cards and include a photo, so it takes awhile to get them done, and I try to do different things every year.  I will give a demo next week on what I did this year for my Christmas cards.  I am behind on my Christmas Journal and want to get caught up with that.  I have taken photos and completed journaling for each day, I just need to get the pages together and scanned in, and when I do, I will post them.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, this year I just don't seem as motivated.  I really think the weather has a lot to do with it.  It's been on average 15 degrees colder than normal for awhile now, and I don't do well in cold.  I can't seem to get warm.  We had about 2-3 inches of snow yesterday (a very dry brushable snow) and if that's all we get for the entire winter, I'll be happy.

DSCN2266 copyDSCN2268 copy
The Bay is frozen in places, and an indication of how cold it's been.

I still have a little bit of Christmas shopping to finish up with, and I need to get up and out early on one of these cold winter mornings and get it done before the mall and shopping center gets too crowded with people.

Possible chance of another accumulating snow storm on Sunday.  Welcome to winter…

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  1. I’m impressed, making everything by hand takes a lot of work! I’m sure your family appreciates all the hard work you put into everything! Way to go Kathy!

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