Maryland State Fair


DSCF0576DSCF0577DSCF0582DSCF0587DSCF0591DSCF0590DSCF0600DSCF0602DSCF0613DSCF0618Scenes from the Maryland State Fair.  I've never been to Maryland's State Fair, and I have been a Maryland resident for most of my life.  I used to go to the Charles County Fair every year growing up, and I haven't even been to that fair in many, many years.

The fair was SO much fun.  It was over the top with all of the livestock, I haven't seen so many cows, pigs, sheep and horses in one place.  The cow I photographed above licked my fingers and it felt so much like a BIG cat toungue.  SO cool.  I loved walking through the livestock buildings and watching another way of life, the family farm operation take place before my eyes.  Adults and children alike were helping care for the livestock.  The owners actually sleep in the same barns with the animals.

I also enjoyed walking through the exhibit buildings and seeing all of the things people submitted, vegetables, pies, cakes, quilts, photography, every imaginable type of crop, vegetable, fruit, food and craft was entered into the fair, everyone hoping for one of those coveted ribbons.

Of course, no fair is complete without taking a tour of the food, a cheeseburger, and later on chicken strips with BBQ sauce and fries, and finished off with funnel cake.

I love people watching at a place like the fair.  It sort of reminds me of people watching on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD.

An absolutely great, spontaneous experience. 

Today is the last day of the fair, and sort of a wrap up to summer.

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  1. Leland Bryant September 10, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    You are definitely alive, full of creative energy and living the present.
    The Fair is a great place for people watching, try doing it with your camera. With your caring personality you will do very well.
    In your travels away from our class, photograph the folks around you living in their present moments away from their busy lives. The people closest to us make wonderful subjects because they already love us.

  2. Leland Bryant September 10, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    PS Nice work. Be sure to shoot x5 and step up closer.

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