Mini Camp Kathy :) and a Major Heat Wave

If you have to be outside with this sweltering heat wave here in the mid-Atlantic (the official high here in my town was 101 degrees), the only place to be is in the pool!  I picked up my two nieces today for a "mini" Camp Kathy (today through Monday morning), and we headed straight to the pool.  Even being in the pool is exhausting after a couple of hours in this heat, and the pool I go to has a restaurant on the premises, and there was hardly any wait staff working today, and we had to wait an hour for lunch (even after I begged twice at the hostess station — two hungry kids and one really hungry Aunt Kathy is not a good mix).  We finally got waited on after I promised that we knew what we wanted and would pay right then, without any extras added in, and oh by the way the kitchen was totally out of chicken (seriously?).  So Ellie (on the right) who wanted a blackened chicken breast sandwich without cheese, but keep the bacon was out of luck, and had to rely on her standby mac n' cheese (both girls ordered that and ate everything — so proud of them!).  Lots of swimming and good times today:

My two nieces and my friend's grandson (sorry I didn't get all of you in the photo) taken with my underwater digital camera.  The sun is so bright and hard to see underwater to take a good photo.

Back at home, showers for all three of us girls.  My nieces were pretty tired.  Ellie (on the left) fell asleep for the night before I even finished making dinner, and Ashley stayed up to eat dinner, make some cool art, watch 101 Dalmatians, and have home made vanilla ice cream!  (I think the two extra packs of cookies she ate while I wasn't paying attention made all the difference for Ashley's energy level late in the day!)  Aunt Kathy is on top of that now…

All in all, a great day!  (And another really hot day in store for tomorrow and through the weekend.)

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