Mini Camp Kathy, Day #2 and Still Really HOT Outside.

From left to right:  Ellie, Kathy, Nanette, and Ashley.

Went to the pool again today and it was another really hot day.  The official high in my hometown was 98 degrees,a few degrees cooler than yesterday.  Thankfully, we got to the pool early enough to snag some chairs under an umbrella (bonus!)

Ellie and Ashley right after lunch, still refreshed and glad to still be at the pool.

The tough thing to navigate is when one child wants to stay at the pool and the other wants to go home.  (It's a matter of econmics for me as well, it costs me $10 per kid, and I am happy to pay as long as they want to stay longer than an hour and enjoy themselves)  I am "Aunt Kathy," not a parent, so it's hard to navigate and negotiate how much time we spend at the pool or doing any other activity for that matter.  Children always manage to be complete opposites, what one wants, the other doesn't and vice versa.  I'm just there to facilitate a good time (which I hope I am doing). Ellie was SO good with Ashley in the pool today, so proud of my girl 🙂  It's all a balancing act, and something I figure out as I go along.  Both girls are so well behaved, and we get along really well, and I am so thankful for that.

We were at the pool a lot longer than I had hoped for various reasons, and when we got home, that was it for the day (which was FINE with all of us), pizza for dinner, a little down time while I cleaned up and Ashley watered my outdoor plants, a movie (The Sound of Music) and popcorn and bed, and I am going to bed as soon as I post this.  It has been a LONG day.

However, some cute photos from this evening:

Ashely Watering 2LR
Ashley was SO diligent in watering my plants, SO cute 🙂

More watering…
Ashely's SunglassesLR
Ashley, and her cute sunglasses and hat that a friend gave to her.

I LOVE this photo of Dexter and Ashley crafting together 🙂

Ripe tomatoes in the garden 🙂  (TOTAL score!)

Tomorrow, a trip to the Inner Harbor early in the morning, and then hanging out at home, it's going to be over 100 degrees again tomorrow, but relief is in site, Monday will be in the 80s, and a much welcome change.

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