Missing You…

Zachary LR
This is my favorite photo of Zachary.  He didn't like to look you in the eye or at the camera, so if you were somehow able to get him to look at the camera, it was a grand feat.

I miss him so much.

It is so lonely without him.

The place beside my bed where he used to sleep is empty.

I can't hear him breathing as he sleeps.

Everyone in the house is very sad.

That about sums up how this week is going.

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  1. oh Kathy! I remember when my good friend Denise and her husband and kids lost Brooke.She was an old chocolate lab, but such a good girl. They had her from the time she was a pup. They had to put her down. She was so old and miserable. They recently got a new puppy (Scout) and it has really brought a lot of joy back into the house. Maybe you should adopt a puppy? I think that would cheer everyone up and you have such a big heart for animals, and would keep you plenty busy!!!! Love you xoxoxo

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