Moments Day 3


Cape Ann, Churchton, MD October 1, 2008

Here is a link to yesterday's photos.  Not going to bore you with the play by play — pretty much the same as Monday.  There are a lot of photos.  I took photos of all the signs in front of homes for sale on my morning walk with Zachary — there were seven and one house for rent.  Tomorrow I'll take photos of the signs of homes for sale on the other route we walk. 

Thinking about what type of medium I'm going to use to hold all of the photos from my week of documenting my life.  I'm going to recycle an old Franklin Covey day planner binder — I have four of them with old dated stuff from years ago back when I was working in a corporate environment and trying to incorporate the Seven Habits like every other corporate wannabe (very heavy sigh).  I was so deluded, but that's a whole other post.  As I was purging things from my office I came across the binders and thought I could definitely recycle them into something scrapbook related.  Will post a photo tomorrow.

While trying to find a link for Steven Covey's Seven Habits, I found a link to Seven Habits from Zen Habits that I like even better:

1. Develop positive thinking.

2. Exercise.

3. Single-tasking. (The opposite of multi-tasking.)

4. Focus on one goal.

5. Eliminate the non-essential.

6. Kindness.

7. Daily routine.

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