Moments Frozen in Time


A seagull standing on only one leg — Solomon's Island, Maryland (taken Sept. 29, 2008)

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to follow along with Ali and do a week in my life project.  But I decided to go with it and see what I came up with, and compare it with what's going on in my life a year from now.  You can see today's photos here.  And, if  you're interested, here was my day:


Up and make bed

Let out Zachary

Feed Zachary

Eat breakfast (cereal, banana, soy milk), take vitamins

Get washed up and dressed

Walk Zachary 2.5 miles

Take film camera on walk and shoot some photos

Talk to neighbor whose jet ski cover had been stolen

Check e-mail

Send birthday card to Sherri

Charge camera battery (Nikon Cookpix)

Straighten up and continue sorting through two bins of paperwork


Have a headache

Ride to Solomon's Island for lunch (photo of seagull taken at lunch) at Solomon's Pier.

Continue onto Point Lookout, a state park which held prisoners during the Civil War.  There is a monument listing all of the soldiers who dies there.  A Passmore is listed from from Georgia who is probably a distant relative.  Point Lookout is a great place to go camping (which I love to do, and would like to do more of in the future).

Get home, feed Ranger who is waiting


Still have a headache

Feed Zachary

Do dishes

Go to Food Rite (down the street) for items needed to make Mexican Chicken Soup (Barefoot Contessa Recipe).

Engine light comes on in car and doesn't go off.

Make sure gas cap on tightly

Check oil, quart low, just had oil changed less than two weeks ago.  (Stop at service station tomorrow before school to get a quart put in).

Cook chicken for soup

Watch Dancing With the Stars

Talk to Mom about her trip to Tennessee

Clean up kitchen

Make coffee for tomorrow

Study for Photography test tomorrow

Type up blog entry for tomorrow


Study for test before bed

Lights out.

Pretty darn good day 😉

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  1. exhausting…

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