More Goodbyes…and Some Hellos


My house with everything so green and new on the outside and attempting to make it that way on the inside as well.  Basically saying goodbye to clutter and hello to functionality and things I love. 


  • Antique Singer Sewing Machine circa 1903 with accessory box and manual.  The cabinet was in pieces and had been that way ever since I got it 10 years ago.  I don't have the knowledge, tools, patience or time to piece the cabinet back together and it was just taking up space.  I gave it to my friend Carol — her husband loves projects like this.  I'm glad I found a good home for this piece.
  • Bad eating habits.  I refuse to gain another pound.  It's officially up to ten pounds as of yesterday, and I'm done with putting poison into my body (another reason the Food Network is banned from my house and I have not cheated).
  • Negative thoughts and self-talk.  We all know about this one and we are all guilty of putting ourselves down (me — especially with this weight gain).
  • What ifs — we all have our own list, not going there anymore.


  • De-cluttering one drawer and cabinet at a time.
  • Loving myself enough to eat properly and exercise every single day.
  • Weight Watchers online.
  • Writing down everything I eat and all of my exercise.
  • Focus on the positives.
  • Five minute meditations twice per day.  Set the timer and clear your head — focus on your breathing, in and out, in and out — amazing  how much clarity and calmness you feel afterwards.
  • New Office (the last and most critical piece is scheduled to be delivered today — the corner desktop).
  • New flooring (this project officially began today — SO excited!  There's some work that has to be done underneath the house because my house is on a crawl space and the floors are sagging — a fairly common problem with this type of foundation).

Hello life, hello spring, hello possibilities…

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